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10 min readSep 1, 2021

On Tuesday, August 17th, the Dude community had the opportunity to chat with Łukasz Kowalski and Michał Szachno, co-founders of MoonieNFT: a new Play 2 Earn, NFT-based platform supported by the Moonies, which are digital retro-looking avatars based on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. This will be a recap of our interactions, along with all the questions asked by our chat members.

The Dude:
So, guys, how about you introduce yourselves first?
Tell us a bit about your background and what you’ve been up to.
We can then move on the Moonie as a whole. Sound good?

Łukasz Kowalski:
Of course!
We are the co-founders of MoonieNFT — A play to earn platform.
I’m Łukasz, and I’m also the co-founder of Flying Bisons, a digital consultancy company from Poland with over 50 highly skilled specialists on board. We work with big companies like KFC, IKEA, Polish Banks and biggest e-commerces 🙂
Our area of expertise is: Research, Strategy, Design and Development. Responsible for the Mooniverse design and development!
You can check our website —

Michał Szachno:
My name is Michal and I am happy to participate in Moonie NFT. I have been in the crypto space for several year now and successfully co-founded and advised to many projects in the space. You might know me from active participation in VAIOT, which launched with DAO Maker and was the first regulated crypto peoject from Malta!

The Dude:
(To Łukasz) I’d actually heard about Flying Bisons before (I mean, with a name like that, how could I not?), but I had no idea you had such big clientes like KFC and IKEA.
Very cool indeed.
Will Flying Bisons be connected to Moonie in any way?

20% of Flying Bisons market cap is working on all the time 😄 (12 people) + me as a co-founder. We do design and development. For blockchain partners, we have Veriori 🙂
Since I am involved as a founder of Flying Bisons, Moonies are our top priority.

The Dude:
Thank you for your transparency.
It’s reassuring that such an established company like Flying Bisons is backing the project.

The Dude:
(To Michał) When it comes to crypto, being the first to something is usually a sure-fire recipe for success.
VAIOT being the first to officially set foot in Malta is def a huge achievement 😄👍

We think the same and happy to hear that you noticed that 🙂

The Dude:
So, how about we actually discuss the project?
How would you describe Moonie? What problems is it aiming to solve?
Why do you think the space needs it? An elevator pitch, if you will.

Our project is called MoonieNFT — We’re an innovative Play 2 Earn platform supported by our adorable Moonie NFTs. They’re pixel art creatures. They are the avatars of the meta-universe that represent all of the things we love in the crypto space. Our goal is for every cryptocurrency project to have its own custom Moonie! We are starting with 4 funny types: Bitty, Ettie, Doggie, and Normie.

The gang’s all here.

They’re all trying to get to the moon, but have very different philosophies and beliefs:

Bitties are Bitcoin maximalists and worship Satoshi. Some say that they might even know what his true identity is 😮


Etties are futurists and tech geniuses who are convinced about the rocketing future of Ethereum.


Doggies are funny enthusiastic creatures that breathe for dogecoin’s 100x growth. Some people call them Doggy Degens, but they don’t like that very much.


Normies are innocent and hopeful — they only dream of one lambo.
We call our world the Moonieverse.

Before going into details, you asked what we want to do 🙂
Our goal with Moonies is to make NFTs more interactive, and more accessible to the public. 100% usable.
We also are on a mission to make the intimidating world of cryptocurrency far more palatable and accessible to the world by providing a portal into the crypto sphere through our fun and interactive NFTs. Again we believe that each big cryptocurrency should have its own Moonie.

The Dude:
I wholeheartedly believe that bridging the mainstream into this space will be super important in the long run. Good on you guys for the initiative.

To get a Moonie you need to buy a Moonchest using our $MNY tokens and draw one.
Bitties, Etties, and Doggies are rare, but Normies are common (90% chance).

Drop rates for different types of Moonie.

NFT holders (beside Normies) will be able to sit in a rocket and participate in price races to win big cash prizes (the first race prize is 100k USD guaranteed).

The first rocket to hit the price target wins. The price target for the first race is BTC — 100k, ETH — 10k, Doge — 1 USD.

During the race, NFT holders can play arcade games to level up and stack the same types of Moonies to earn even more.
There will be leaderboards.
We use Moonchest sales to finance prizes and weekly pay for players.
There is also a Research Lab (DeFi aspect). If you got a Normie from your Moonchest, you can burn it in a weekly Research Lab to help OG Moonies to develop better space rocket technology!
You can also deposit USDT, and stake our $MNY token to finance the Normies’ work.

Normies at Work.

Every week we will find the Normie or a “smart money” owner who contributed to progressing Moonie research. For this contribution will win a pool of funds generated from USDT deposits yield (we pay people who deposit USDT 50% of Moonchest sales — the APY can get crazy). Thats the concept 🙂 on top of that we will have arcade games, the first game will be ready in 30 days.

The Dude:
(to Łukasz) Yeah, I noticed that normies, being unlimited, also don’t get to partake in the space race.
It’s good that you can still play the game with them despite that.How will the game’s economy be affected by hypothetical future coins? Say, what if we add Dotties for Polkadot?
Will the drop rates have to be adjusted?

With the future unlocks of tokens, meaning $MNY tokens we will deliver more and more utilities around the future game itself or the Research Lab. From the model that we have worked out during last moths we can clearly see that the token economy is designed in such a way that it allows for perpetual flow and will drive the need for the MNY.

We call it internally 90/10 rule: 90% for Normies and 10% for OG Moonie. We plan to drop new types very soon.

He’s gamin’.

(on the topic of future token additions to the Moonie roster)
We will surely listen to the community proposition and we are aware of the huge preassure that might come with all of that requests 😄 We have a few next races in mind eg. ETH Killers so you can just think of what prject would fit that narrative 🙂

The Dude:
So $MNY is a utility token, not just used for buying chests. That’s very good.
I just noticed Normie is likely based on the Wall Streets Bets mascot.
Absolutely brilliant if that’s the case.

Well…Ash WSB is one of our main backer 🙂

“There he is! Ash WSB, reporting for duty!”

Rocket Capitan has to be stylish and confident!

The Dude:
But, ok, this is probably a good time to let the community ask a few questions.

Let’s do it.


User Ana Manzano asks:
“I understand that in order to participate in Moonie’s arcade games, I have to get my own Moonie NFT first, but could you really tell us the ways I could get my own Moonie? And if it is only through purchase, how much does it cost approximately?”
Łukasz responds: Moonchests will always cost 20 USD in MNY tokens.

User Robert asks:
“🕹️💥🚀 I play some play to earn games, and maintaining a solid economy in these games is important. How does Moonie plan to maintain a healthy economy? And how do you plan to attract new users and keep them interested in the project ?”
Łukasz responds: We are all about learning as we go! We want to build a community which will help us grow!

User Leya Nirmala asks:
“☘️ Are Moonie arcade games available for mobile devices and tablets? Is it currently allowed for both iOS and Android? Through my phone will I also be able to participate in the research laboratory and in the price race?”
Łukasz responds: It will be iOS and Android.

User Tahani SG asks:
“- Popular Play to Earn crypto games like Axie Infinity has a really high entry gate for some paise’s economy. is Moonie just as expensive to start? How much do I need at a minimum to be able to play?”
Łukasz responds: 20 usd in $MNY tokens.

User Den ShA asks:
“What kinds of gamers are you targeting. Is it only blockchain based gamer or you have plan to attract non-crypto gamers too?”
Łukasz responds: We want to build bridge between crypto and mainstream retail.

User Memo asks:
“Is the $ 100,000 grand prize you mention on their website from a specific Moonie tournament? Or will you be able to win that amount in each race with large numbers of participants?”
Łukasz responds: It’s the race between BTC, ETH and DOGE.

User Tolga asks:
“Does Moonie NFT plan to rocket the business model integrating with Dharma, Zapper and Zerion protocols? Are you more focused on this nowadays?”
Michał responds: Yes we will, the main focus is on the Price Races and token launch but I am sure it will come along the way in the near future!

User Alondra asks:
“beyond making money with the game is it possible to also have fun played? putting the two together would be really exciting for anyone and would certainly invite a lot of people to play video games”
Łukasz responds: We promise that the game will be super engaging!

User Habibi asks:
“✅ Moonie will have its own NFT MarketPlace to buy, sell or trade our moonies? I ask because I didn’t really read anything about this on your site and it seemed strange to me.”
Łukasz responds: We don’t plan to have a marketplace.

User Apple asks:
“As Moonie is NFT based Gaming project & I absolutly agree that NFT can create more opportunities for creators, Gamers But many Gamers will be from non-Crypto background?”
Michał responds: We want to heavily focus on onboarding non-crypto communites to the blockchain space. Moonie NFTs as really frinedly creatures are a ideal way of doing that. With additional activities around that, we see a lot of potential in bringing them to the mainstream and masses!
The Dude adds: A “bridge project”, through and through.

User Gutierrez04 asks:
“When you mean that in MoonieNFT “each NFT is 100% usable in our gamified DeFi ecosystem”, is it that each NFT apart from being useful in the game will also have different DeFi products that will allow them to obtain the greatest benefit from them? or is it just 100% usable in the game?”
Michał responds: Oh that is a good one. To be honest it’s best of both worlds I believe. OG Moonies will be used in the DeFi product which is a Price Race and it allows for self funding of Grand Prizes while still having fun for players. Normies however are a gateway to the Research Lab where the Yield is generated on the pooled funds and distributed to one lucky winner each and every week. Allo of them can be used to play games and get on top of Leaderboard so we can say that all of them are 100% usable in games too 🙂

User Luis Arias asks:
“Could you tell us a bit about the “Lossless Mechanism” that you will use in your research laboratory? Will this allow you to use the deposit for as long as you want and then withdraw it without losing any amount of capital?”
Łukasz responds: You can deposit USDT or stake MNY and withdraw any time without any loss.

User Fugs Jis asks:
“Can you list the games that will be listed on MoonieNFT? How many games will be on your platform and is there any plan to add more games in future?”
Łukasz responds: We plan to start with 1 game till the end of september and develope 2 more till the end of the year.

User aika asks:
“When learning about moonie NFT, you mentioned the “research lab”… in which the interest of pooled funds is distributed in the form of prizes…
but I would like to know how we are eligible to win.
Is it possible to lose money?”
Łukasz responds: It is not possible to lose money — You deposit USDT, stake MNY or burn Normi to enter Research Lab.

The Dude:
I think we’re all done!
This sesh has been nothing short of incredible. This project is incredibly multi-faceted and deep, but I’m glad we got to at least scratch the surface here. I want to thank both of you, Michał and Łukasz, for taking the time to be with us today.

Thank you for having us!

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