AMA Recap of Dude’s Army x Showcase

On Friday, April 9th, Dude’s Army community had the great opportunity to host an AMA with Showcase’s team, very instructive and educational. We will share with you a little bit of what this experience was like.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Let’s start getting into it. Explain to our community which problem Showcase solves and why is it the best solution?


The idea behind Showcase is to enable micro influencers to create their own NFTs in an easy way through a mobile app. We want to help them create new revenue streams as well as reward their dedicated communities through the ownership of NFTs or Badges as we call them. We also want to create a social marketplace and this is why we have added a social element to it.

The Dude👨‍💼:

That sounds amazing! How will those NFTs be sold/bought?

Will it be just crypto?


Influencers will design their NFTs with the in-app creator tool, and offer them to their fans which can be shared across various social media. The fans can then join Showcase as a collector and will have the ability to use a fiat onramp to purchase them. It will allow for more mainstream adoption at a faster rate.

The Dude👨‍💼:

So you already have the bridge to fiat?

Fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat?


Yes we have built a custom bridge which will allow for it

The Dude👨‍💼:

Explain to us more how you will bring influencers and maybe celebrities to Showcase. What’s the strategy?

I will just enjoy and drop some additional questions here.

How will the tokens be utilized in the app?

What will be centralized and what will be decentralized?

Meir Bank:

NFT ownership in Showcase is fully decentralized. Your wallet is stored using the highest level encryption, the same used by wallet providers like Portis. You can export your mnemonic phrase and transfer NFTs out of the app. Fiat payments use a temporary escrow system so that is centralized, but it is optional.


We have been building relationships with influencers and explaining to them the benefits of NFTs and how it can empower them and their communities. We also have been working with other influencers in various fields and niches. Our goal is to continue to build these relationships in an organic fashion.

The Dude👨‍💼:

What are the incentives for them?


Tokens enable holders to maintain what we call “OG Status” similar to Twitch subs, there will be different levels that can be achieved and they will gain access to exclsuive NFT drops. SHO can also be used for badge listings and Influencers also benefit from, staking SHO.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Very interesting. Bit different than current social media apps

So you guys were inspired by Twitch subs subscription which is great model.

And you have like an Instagram feed of NFTs right?

Is there like a follow feed or is it an open feed for everything?


Yeah, we spent a lot of time hanging out in those communities and talking to various Twitch micro influencers

Yes exactly, we want to create a UX that anyone can understand, as simple as possible and easy to view and present your NFT collections.

The Dude👨‍💼:

When can we expect the app launch?

Which partner are you using to bridge crypto/fiat?


Right now our goal is Q3 for a full release

The Dude👨‍💼:

Who are your competitors right now? I think it’s the first time I hear about social media of NFTs but would love to hear more about it.

Maybe there is another one doing it that can be good for you grow lookin on what they are doing as well


Right now we are really the only platform focused on mainstream micro influencers — our app is invite only and we have a broader view of what can be an NFT. So I would not necessarily say that other NFT platforms are direct competitors, we have a bridge to OpenSea, one of our partners.

Community Questions

Q1 from Nazmud Sadat:

On Showcase app can only famous brands around the world able to create unique NFTs via #Showcase app? If yes then how will you check brand identity that they are real as they claimed and not fake ?


We have what we call “verified creators” which means that we personally verify each and every creator who joins the Showcase app.

Q2 from Eberto Fuentes:

What makes an NFT so unique, if its creator is not as important or well known or rather does not have some kind of story behind it like a work of art in real life can be?


Owning the NFT shows your dedicated support to that influencer and the causes they care about and will enable the holder of that NFT many benefits.

Q3 from Talibulkhala:

After DeFi, NFT is now hot topic and in trending. Do you have plan to integrate showcase NFTs with DeFi?


Yes and we have partnered with UMA, Benchmark and other platforms not yet announced.

Q4 from Magdalena:

How can I become a verified Showcase creator? Do I have to fulfill some requirements, sign a contract or something like that?


You can become a verified creator by applying and the review team qualify those candidates.

Q5 from Al Bianco:

It strikes me that Showcase has a Security and Bug Bounty Program. Currently the privacy of users in applications is low. Can you give us more details about this program? How will Showcase be able to give the highest security to its users considering that no system can be completely secure? What benefits will this program give Showcase to make it safer?


Yes we will relase more information about this very soon!

Q6 from Natasha 3:

As I see Showcase is really focusing on digital creator economy and micro Influencer, outside the Blockchainchain space. But for non-crypto user there is still lack of education about cryptocurrencies. So, how do you planning to educate them and what’s your plan towards mass adoption?


Great question! We intend to create a lot of educational material around both blockchain and NFTs so that we can enable mainstream adoption.

Q7 from Noé:

Showcase will be limited to Nft artworks ? Currently everything can be a Nft, in the future will it be possible to market Nft Music in Showcase or this is not part of your plans ?


Another great question — this part of our vision — to allow for the creation of many types of content, including audio!

Q8 from Aston Rowi:

NFT hype is now just insane. As Saito existed before NFTs can Saito able to support projects working with NFTs and it’s technologies?


Yes. We’re working to get NFTs working with the games on the Arcade.

That’s a general software layer which will allow any Saito apps to interact with DOT-hosted apps. Hopefully other networks too. But our dev efforts on NFT-front all very proDOT

Q9 from Lun Mei (CryptoBuddhist):

Is there a referral campaign active at the moment? that allows rapid adoption with some series of incentives? Do you have a marketing strategy to advance quickly in this regard?


Not yet but we will definitely be releasing one prior to the launch

Q10 from Eberth:

How do copyrights work with NFT sold on your platform? For example, if a creator draws a Pikachu and publishes it on your platform, can the company that owns those rights use their power and take away the NFT?


Again, we verify each and every creator to our best ability before allowing them to become a verified Showcase creator — this is one of the reasons the app is invite only.

Q11 from Nazmud Sadat:

On Showcase app can only famous brands around the world able to create unique NFTs via #Showcase app? If yes then how will you check brand identity that they are real as they claimed and not fake ?


Absolutely not — quite the opposite. We are not going after famous brands. We want to focus on those who are building their communities and fan base.

About Showcase

Showcase is a social platform where content creators can interact with their fans. Fans can hang out and also purchase, trade, and collect limited edition NFT badges minted by their favorite creators. These badges are meant to be seen as a form of digital merchandising, or ‘’merch’’. Showcase, in essence, a way for creators to further monetize their brand and for followers to be able to show a ‘’badge of honor’’ of their loyalty, not so different from chat emotes on sites like Twitch or YouTube.

More information about Showcase:




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