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5 min readJun 21, 2021

On Monday, June 14th, Dude’s Army community had the great opportunity to host an AMA with Meme.Com’s team, very instructive and educational. We will share with you a little bit of what this experience was like.

The Dude👨‍💼:

To start the AMA with a good vibe I will give you freedom now to intro yourself and share a bit of your background!


I’m Johan from Sweden. Dropped out of university to start my first company in the online content space. is my third company, which I started after falling in love with crypto in 2016.

I have always been interested in how people consume and share content on the internet.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Sounds good! So explain us a bit more what you are building at and why the space needs it.

Johan: can be described as if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. A place where people explore different memes and trends on the internet. It enables users to mint memetic tokens that are based on the perceived value of the trend or meme they represent.

It is a way to both measure the value of memes and trends, and rewards people who are good at creating them, or predicting their popularity.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Sounds interesting! Can you go more in depth and shows us some pics on how it will work

Will there be a market for those Memes? Or will them trade on existing platforms?


Here is one example:

Yes each meme token will be traded on

The Dude👨‍💼:

So how will this work out?

People will trade the Meme strength?

What exactly defines that?


Yes! Each market is a bonding curve

Holding the meme tokens give you rewards based on how popular the meme is on the internet.

Rewards = $MEM and NFTs

The Dude👨‍💼:

And why trading a meme token instead of the actual token? (In case of DOGE)

Regarding other memes ofc they don’t exactly have a existing pair/token


Most memes dont have a token already

The Dude👨‍💼:

How exactly that popularity will be tracked?


We look at how the hashtag is shared, and the image on social media and other sites

The Dude👨‍💼:

How do you prevent fake Data?

People spamming the Meme to rise the value?


It’s not the token value that goes up, that is purely based on supply/demand, the meme popularity influence the staking rewards

The Dude👨‍💼:

And the last question on my side is:

How will the $MEM token play out in the ecosystem? What will be all use cases?


$MEM is the native token for and all its products. It encompasses the following functions:

- Buying mTokens in the meme markets

- Creating and upgrading Marble cards

- Payment for platform fees like content submissions

- Staking

- Governance

Community Questions

Q1 from Sofía Isla:

In your Telegram group you mention the IDO of Memecoin on June 15, 2021. Can you give us more information about this event? What are your expectations and plans for this IDO to be totally successful? Where will it take place and how could we participate? Finally, What are your requirements?


Here is a good guide for it!

Q2 from Sam Dopas:

How do the marble cards project actually differentiate from Like, is more general whereas marble cards are meant only for creating card-like nfts of memes?


Marble cards will be one function of, its a way to prove you discovered something on the internet will have more features though, like the meme markets discussed above

Q3 from SuperGirl:

What plans do you have to incentivize the demand and Hold of $MEM token? I’m a bit worried that the many people will buy it only to acquire later Memetic Tokens, wouldn’t this be a problem?


That is the plan actually, when you buy Meme Tokens, $MEM is locked in the bonding curve so buying the Meme Tokens could be described as a way to stake $MEM

Q4 from Chanderpal Singh Rathore:

There are multiple NFT in the market but you have unique concept of Marble cards but how you are planning to differentiate utility and usecase of both MEME AND MARBLE COIN


Marblecoin will be converted into Memecoin once it launches, so we will only have one coin, Memecoin ($MEM)

Q5 from Mauricio Rangel:

Marble cards are NFTs that act as proof of the discovery of a web page that contains a meme or trend. it’s great 😁 how can i claim Every web url? Can I claim more than once?


No, every url can only be “marbled” once.

Q6 from ℝ𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕪𝕤:

Among some rewards you give out to people, you say that each month, the explorers who have contributed the best finds are rewarded handsomely. But exactly what currency or token are they rewarded with? Will they get MemeCoins? Where can they be exchanged?


Yes the best contributors each month are rewarded with $MEM, and NFTs

$MEM will be listed on Kucoin tomorrow, as well as Quickswap on Polygon

Q7 from Camila Wat:

You have a reward program for users who find memes, my question is, is there no risk of getting into a legal problem with the creators of certain memes? Or are the memes totally free for anyone?


We have to be sure we dont break copyright laws in an outright sense, that said memes are about remixing existing content, which is what we want to reward

Q8 from Habibi:

Does have a way to identify copied memes? Many memes are very similar. What criteria do you have to differentiate one from another?


There can only be one page per meme, similar to how KnowYourMeme does it, if duplicates are created they are flagged by the community.

Q9 from Gutike95:

You point out that users can stake coins on the platform to encourage the community to create and contribute to a specific meme, does that mean that the stakes will be defined in the different meme themes? but what do you really mean by “a specific meme”?


Yes when people stake its towards a specific meme, those could be these ones for example

Q10 from Zerogas10:

I read on your MEME Blog introducing “Marble Cards Arena”, can you explain a bit about this? Can we get passive income from Marble Cards Arena? How do I participate in this tournament?


You can earn coins in the arena by voting on cards you like, check out more here

About Meme.Com

Meme.Com sets out to unite meme markets and Internet trends with ‘’memetic tokens’’, NFTs called Marble Cards and digital art. It allows users to mint and buy tokens based on famous internet memes (think Pepe, Doge, Wojak and so on) and the perceived value they represent.

Yes, you can actually make money using memes now. Meme.Com will also be the first ever IDO on Polygon chain on the Polkstarter platform!

More information about Meme.Com:






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