AMA Recap of Dude’s Army x Legends of Crypto

On Tuesday, April 27th, Dude’s Army community had the great opportunity to host an AMA with Legends of Crypto’s team, very instructive and educational. We will share with you a little bit of what this experience was like.

The Dude👨‍💼:

To start the AMA with a good vibe I will give you freedom now to intro yourself and share a bit of your background!

Artem Efimchik:

Sure. My name is Artem. I am Lead Game Producer at Rebel Labs. I am taking care of the game development and the game concept. Previously I worked on such projects as World of Tanks, mobile versions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Chaos Reborn.

So now we are working on a collectible card game called Legends of Crypto and it’s really exciting.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Explain us a bit more how LOC Game will work and when should we expect it to launch.

Artem Efimchik:

So basically the concept that we were developing was aiming to create a competitive online card game that is easy to learn, hard to master, and allows players to earn money.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Can you explain us a bit more? How is that going to work out?

Artem Efimchik:

There is a Top Trumps game mechanic, which is very popular in the UK

We quickly developed a concept with the idea to turn them into a top trump card game with very recognizable characters for crypto folks and started building, like a tribute to the crypto currencies triumph and people who made it a history.

In the end think of it as a variation of Hearthstone with characters from crypto industry

We will have a vast collection of cards. And those cards will be NFT’s

The Dude👨‍💼:

Ok so how to acquire those NFTS? How to play the game and bet on it?

Artem Efimchik:

We will be launching a special marketplace soon for that. (during upcoming 2 months)

There will be 30 cards at first. Different rarity systems will be in place with unique features and cards, limited edition and special editions that will be issued in very small quantities; and illustrated with outstanding designs and art.

We will also issue our own tokens. Owners of the cards will be able to stake the cards and get LOCG token as reward.

The game is designed as free to play, but with in-game purchases

So more likely there will be some more kinds of NFT’s

(like card backs, avatars and etc.)

You will be able to get it as a reward for playing the game (play to earn), stake LOCG to farm new NFT items, farm LOCG in liquidity pools and use it for payment within the ecosystem, get rewarded in earn-to-pay elements of the game, voting when we build the DAO and more. NFT holders will be able to stake them in a liquidity pool and get % from the prize pools as a reward in LOCG token.

The Dude👨‍💼:

They stake tokens to get NFTs no?

You said the opposite or did I understand something wrong?

Artem Efimchik:

Oh, sorry, a typo

The Dude👨‍💼:

Ok so how the tokens will work out in the ecosystem?

Artem Efimchik:

For the value of $LOCG, we will have a governance mechanic by the end of this year, you will be able to vote on the issuance of new cards, new categories, game play, charity donation and more. There will be a LOC Council with minimum LOCG holding requirements to be able to propose those game changes, request new features, etc.So there is a lot of value and definitely will be a lot of rewards for investing in LOC Game Token.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Ok will the cards in terms of rarity be like overpowered?

Or did you balance cards despite their rarity?

Artem Efimchik:

There will be a gameplay rarity system. And yes, it means that there will be Rare cards, for example, that will be a bit stronger than regular ones, but they won’t lead you to victory at 100% of games

It will work like in Hearthstone — you get advantage only if you use them well

The Dude👨‍💼:

When can we expect the Game to launch?

Artem Efimchik:

We aim to have 1st public releases during Q3 this year.

Community Questions

Q1 from Yaritza:

It is known that each NFT card has its value for authenticity, but in addition to that, will there be ratings of limited edition cards and other less attractive cards?

Artem Efimchik:

There won’t be like “less attractive” cards. All of them will be unique and have the same level of visual quality. But there will be cards with different scarcity and visual rarity (like gold ones in Hearthstone)

Q2 from Vlad:

Today, most of teenagers waste a lot of time on many Gaming platforms that can’t bring anything.But with LOC game project’s services ,they can have both hobby and earn money in the same time. Do you think this is a good chance to attract more teenagers toward LOC project?

Artem Efimchik:

To be more precise, our audience is not only teenagers. We are working on creating a game that will last for years and will be interesting to the same core audience that plays collectible card games on all kinds of traditional platforms.

So the addition of NFT is intended to be an extra boost that will grant more interest in the project from those players.

Q3 from JA:

Did you ever consider building a NFT gaming studio for creative collectors or creative NFT makers in the long run and please elaborate about this?

Artem Efimchik:

Yes that’s our goal. We want to create an independent game studio with innovative projects that use blockchain and NFT’s. And we are interested not only in the CCG genre.

Q4 from Seoyun 서윤 :

An effective Marketing strategy is indispensable for any project. Have you determined a method to bring investors / users living in different countries to the ecosystem of your project and make them a permanent element of your project?

Artem Efimchik:

We are planning to scale up in two directions: first is to attract more attention from the crypto community, and the second is to provide easy access to usage of tokens and NFT’s for regular players, which are not familiar with NFT concepts yet. So we build our game as a successful game IP that will last for years.

Q5 from Zerogas10 :

How does LOCGAME stand out among all the NFT projects that have emerged lately? What benefits does LOCGame offer to new users? How can passive income be created on your platform?

Artem Efimchik:

We are not just an NFT project. We are going to be among the first developers that actually create a high quality game with usage of NFT. So think of it as a game that has so solid concept that it can perform well even without NFT’s.

About ArGo

Legends of Crypto (LOC) is an online competitive card game based on influencers and noteworthy people in the crypto space. Players can collect provable rare NFT Cards & Decks with the recognisable characters from crypto universe and beyond, stake your NFT to earn crypto, play against other players for tokens and much more!

More information about ArGo:





Recaps of all AMA sessions from @dudesignals, one of the most informative cryptocurrency channels on Telegram.

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Recaps of all AMA sessions from @dudesignals, one of the most informative cryptocurrency channels on Telegram.