AMA Recap of Dude’s Army x CCAI

On Thursday, April 1st, Dude’s Army community had the great opportunity to host an AMA with CCAI’s team, very instructive and educational. We will share with you a little bit of what this experience was like.

The Dude👨‍💼:

It’s an honor to have you with us today and to start I ask you to please intro yourself and share a bit of your background and how you ended up in CCAI!

Hisham Khan:

I am the CEO & Co-founder of CCAI which is a next generation Spot and Futures exchange and we have recently launched one of the fastest DEXs in the world on the Solana blockchain.

I have been a product builder for 10 years, working at various fortune 500 companies as a Product manager where I was involved in building enterprise software. This led me to Bloomberg eventually where I got into the financial technology industry.

At Bloomberg I used to look into emerging tech and got interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The day I decided to go home and research a bit on what Bitcoin and Blockchain was, after a few hours of research my mind was blond away.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Which DEX you created in solana?

Hisham Khan:

I remember I couldn’t sleep that night and eventually ended up leaving Bloomberg to join the industry full time by seeing how much energy there was and the movement happening before my eyes.

We were one of the first teams to begin building a DEX on Solana by integrating Serum into our DEX tech stack. Our DEX can be found at

The Dude👨‍💼:

Amazing intro and background @hishamkhan1 !

Let’s start getting into CCAI now

Explain to our community what CCAI is building and why the market needs it!

Hisham Khan:


Being from Bloomberg we set out to review the existing trading platforms mainly the exchanges and how we can add value to the industry.

At CCAI we are building CeFi and DeFi under one company and plan to offer a full suite of trading products so users don’t have to use multiple exchanges.

CEX: CCAI CEX makes advanced trading easy and accessible to every crypto trader. We will offer Spot and Futures trading, Portfolio performance section where traders can analyze their trades in better detail, Portfolio rebalancing for passive traders who are looking for easier ways to manage their portfolio in this fast paced market.

DEX: We aim to build the most intuitive DEX which is one of the fastest and cheapest. With the speed of Solana we can finally offer a DEX which feels the same as a CEX. We are launching Pools next and there are a few secret features which will surprise the community in the near future.

Our aim as a company is to always build products with superior design and user experience.

I should add that we have just released our Wallet on Solana seeing lots of complaints from the community on the user experience for some current wallets.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Sounds great! Let’s now break down a bit into it.

“so users don’t have to use multiple exchanges.” Can you comment a bit on this and why are you solving this problem?

Hisham Khan:

Existing exchanges offer similar kind of products and tools which are catering either to beginners or intermediate level traders. We identified an opportunity to build an exchange which caters to the advanced traders who are typically using 3rd party tools or building their own custom software to get more control of their trading. We offer Smart trading which will provide traders with more advanced order types, they can do Dollar Cost Averaging, we have the industries first built-in TradingView integration for those who like to use technical analysis and want to trade based on alerts or their custom script from TradingView. There are options for Stop loss and Take profit which gives traders more control.

And we’ve made these features in a way so that even a more novice trader can use them and improve their trading.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Amazing! Really interested to see those tools.

So let me understand a bit what you guys have ready right now! So if I understood correctly the DEX is ready correct?

Hisham Khan:

For a user who wants to trade on a CEX and a DEX they will have to use multiple different platforms and products. CCAI will offer a CEX and a DEX so users can seamlessly use what they like, with a better user experience and capturing opportunities in both CeFi and DeFi markets.

Correct, the DEX is live already and the CEX has been under closed beta for a while and will be released soon.

The Dude👨‍💼:

Perfect! That’s what I wanted to know. Glad to see that both are ready or almost ready to launch!

So two questions now:

1- How will you obtain liquidity on CCAI?

2- What will be CCAI utilities?

Hisham Khan:

1- We have seen many exchanges launch in the last few years and most have failed for 2 reasons, lack of innovation and liquidity.

CCAI has partnered with Binance to tap into Binance liquidity so our CEX traders will have ability to trade on $ billions in liquidity. We are also talking to more liquidity partners for the future. We offer innovation with the most advanced trading terminal which offers tools no other exchange has in the industry.

2- CCAI token will function similar to other exchange tokens but what makes it more interesting is the fact that it will be integrated into the CEX and the DEX which will create a lot more utility. Sort of like an FTT and Sushi token combined.

The Dude👨‍💼:

That’s amazing! So you will be integrating liquidity with them right?

Hisham Khan:


The Dude👨‍💼:

Perfect! Loved it!

What about the DEX

how will you bring liquidity to it?

Only CEX will be integrated with Binance no?

Hisham Khan:

We have launched our DEX on Serum which already has liquidity partners. For additional liquidity we are in talks with other market makers who are interested in joining our ecosystem as well.

The next step for us is to launch Pools which is really exciting.

We were one of the earlier teams to get into the Solana ecosystem last year which gave us a good head start. The way we see it, Solana might not replace ETH but if it takes even a fraction of the market share then it will be huge.

Our goal is to be the best tech team on Solana and capitalize on the opportunity that this is a new ecosystem which is going to need lots of tools to be built.

Community Questions

Q1 from Jazz Music:

Will Cryptocurrencies have a Copy Trading service, do you plan to implement it later on, or is it not in your plans?

Hisham Khan:

We have gotten lots of requests for this feature and we plan to do this in the near future. Our goal is to offer something better compared to the other Copy trading services in the industry.

As time goes by exchanges will have to offer more options and services to remain competitive and we have already taken a lead in that regard. There is a pipeline of products which are under development at the moment at CCAI.

Q2 from Zerogas10:

The factors that attract more users are: low transaction costs, high levels of security, and ease of operation. Can CCAI confirm these requirements for users? and Every project that is developing must have PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES in terms of project marketing. Can you tell us the PROBLEMS and DIFFICULTIES you are facing right now?

Hisham Khan:

This is a good question and I confirm that the three factors you mentioned are important.

Our main challenge will be to build a strong community and stand out from the crowd. As we have seen, in every bull market there is a lot of noise and projects launching. However, there are only a handful of products and teams that actually deliver value to the community. We believe we are doing that with the superior products that we are launching and have to focus on building an awesome community around us who will benefit from our products.

Q3 from Nafish Iqbal:

Why did you decide to build your DEX on Solana Blockchainchain? What makes you force to take this decision? Can we expect to have a cross chain trading solution?

Hisham Khan:

We started of building a CEX first and when the DeFi projects began to have traction we started to look into where the opportunity was for our team to add value. Although we were building a CEX, in our hearts it was the promise of decentralization which brought us into this industry. We had seen the issues of scaling in 2017/2018 and now they were coming back. With Solana we saw a blockchain that offered something no other blockchain did. It offered the speed and low cost which are a critical need for trading products.

We were immediately excited to get our team involved. However, we see the value other chains are providing and eventually will want to build on them for true cross chain capabilities. So traders can capitalize on earning yield or putting their capital to work on different blockchains, all from CCAI.

About CCAI (CCAI) is a next-gen DEX. It’s a fully decked-out smart trading terminal and portfolio management platform that lets users create multiple buy/sell orders, stop-loss orders, take-profit orders all in one entry, while also providing in-depth trade analysis and much, much more. With Binance as a broker partner (all funds are kept on Binance and traded on Binance liquidity) and created by a team with over a decade of stock trading experience, Cryptocurrencies.Ai is a great trading tool for every type of crypto trader.

More information about CCAI:




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